Yes yes yes i am back and with more to grumble abt, lol apparently there's really really really alot to talk abt lol. aint sure whether i can finish typing all of it, BUT... imma try.. hard, like real hard.... like a rock.... a pebble.... a stone.....

things flies really fast... awhile ago i was having long hair... and next.. my mirror fails me.... planning abt wat imma do in the future during ns... thinking abt all the possible route for me to take... all of which are racing against time.... always thinking whether am i gonna be too old when i graduate, eventually this thinking lead me to a needless depression, however writing of all those plans down srsly helps alot...

From BMT to sispec...

Things arent as smooth in sispec, to think that i would have a better life after bmt was just wilful thinking... As i walk into the hallway where the corridors were forsaken by God... i knew my days were marked... rofl... why so u asked? well i got myself entangled by bravo... marvelous! rofl. The amazing thing is.. i got thru those 8 weeks of hell on earth and got a hold of Signal institute...

From Sispec to SI

Thinking that things will smoothen out after the horrible 8 weeks of rough patches in my life, i indulge into yet another wilful thinking, Slagmont camp is gonna be SLACK! which is why they call it slackmont camP!!!!! NOT!!!! can u believe it!? b4 my batch they had NO SOC (standard obstacle course)... and den it came to me like a plague for the rest of my NS life... and when i was so frigging happy abt being able to take CCNA... YET another srsly bad piece of information arrived... we are the last batch to take ccna 3.1vers... the next will take v4.. OH WOW thank you very much SI... the only thing that i am currently srsly happy abt is my friends in SI.. they are srsly the most wildest bunch of ppl i've ever met during my NS life roflolmaowtpbbq!

Well theres so much to talk abt them... so lil time to waste.. imma TRY to do my next update asap abt them! xD


Pretty much the same... well optimistic or not.. pessimistic or not... life goes on... friendship can sometime be so fragile.. a foundation build on wrong materials, wrong grounds, wrong time...

Girls are such unique creature... guys are such special creature... Jacky is yet another one on its own...

yes i am EMO lol


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Original Me

Name: Jacky Lam Wan Tsun
Who stole my burger!?





Yes hello! =) just to let u know if u really hope and wish to destroy my life, u can choose to do so, but karma strikes my friend, im just an nsf, when im done with this shit, im gone so whats the point with meddling with my life so much? I have a life outside, i've only myself to depend on and i've got only 1 parent, that's my mum.. so if destroying my family is what u want, retribution awaits. Peace.

Oh yea and seriously, get a life =)
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