w0000000000000t its time to update once more over this oh-so-exciting life of Jacky.. lolol man recently i have been dancing like so darn hardcore over my proj O exam... thank God i finally got over it.. XD

FOP was uber dope... went two days and those two days i left SIS with a better perception over life... i learn a valuable lesson in those 2 days and delirious? was totally awesome as well... oh not to ferget the kollaboration of delirious and don moen in each transit was so well done the atmosphere was so thick i almost suffocate under the power of the H.S... ok thats exageration.. lol XD

The song blindfold me by nas and kelis kept playing over and over again in my brain i just cant seem to take it off... been listening to it like over 300+ time just for the exam.. lololl

Just recently i went to search up some stuff for photoshop... and now i am equipped with better weapon to express my creativity on the blank sheet of virtual paper... yes.. and i have done quite some stuff lately on my laptop with my new found toy addition....

Yes My name this took me abt 2 hour? or even more... i editted it until i eventually finish watching evans almighty... was doing it since the start of the show.. so i was half doing it half watching evans XD
Yes I had it more enhance for Audictive... This is Audictive: Technologic... and yes i've made one for Min Kuan as well
This took me quite some time as well... i was doing it in O sch for like 1 hour but half of my effort was killed cause of some corrupted file thingy... and den i did it in FOP but the batt killed it as well... den i came home and completed it while i still remember how the thing was XD

Today i had the Fondue Pizza with Min kuan.. was suppose to have it along with Pam but apparently didnt reply my msg.. so i just went o with min kuan.. it was awesome.. the old days just flood back... I really Thank God for such a bro and buddy... cheese lover and as usual... he knows me from inside out.. (man sound gay.. LOL) okok wateva it is... we had alot plan up for our life... But ultimately God will be working within us XD

God is a living person presence.. not a piece of chisel stone.. but when God is personally present... a living spirit.. that all constricting legislation is recognize as obselete... we're free of it! All of us.. nth between us and God... our face is shining with the brightness of His face.. and so we are transfigured much like the Messiah.. our life gradually becoming brighter and more beautiful as God enters our Life....


Love the time we spend together during the wake of the morning.... the time when we walk side by side in the cool of the night.... Love You... Let Your presence be upon me..


- 2:32 AM

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Name: Jacky Lam Wan Tsun
Who stole my burger!?





Yes hello! =) just to let u know if u really hope and wish to destroy my life, u can choose to do so, but karma strikes my friend, im just an nsf, when im done with this shit, im gone so whats the point with meddling with my life so much? I have a life outside, i've only myself to depend on and i've got only 1 parent, that's my mum.. so if destroying my family is what u want, retribution awaits. Peace.

Oh yea and seriously, get a life =)
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