There was once a boy named alex.. who took a liking in a certain kind of flower that was shown to him thru a friends birthday... he so happen to really like this flower... but he would love to see it bloom himself... so he went to buy a seed himself.. thru msn... (u never know what u can buy thru msn)

so he decided to plant the seed deep into his heart.... each day he showered it with care, love, effort, time and eventually its root reach into all the corners of the heart, deep into the vein and eventually into the mind... which the boy to this day can never stop thinking abt the plant 24/7 he just kept thinking of the plant and he could never figure out why he couldnt get this plant out of his mind... he never knew the root of the P(roblem)lant can be so deep.. but he didnt really cared.. all he know is that he really love the plant... the more he showered all the care, love, effort and time.. the more he grew fond of it.... eventually... as time grew... he saw that the plant didnt bloom any flowers at all... while all his friend had already bloomed several flowers...

he got frustrated and think of the possibilities, why didnt the plant bloom flower... either the plant didnt like the place of the heart, didnt recieve enuff nutrient, the plant prefer other heart than the boy heart... as he grew more impatient.. the plant start to shrink... he became more hot tempered... he became more questioning.. the plant shrink more... slowly he found out this was not the way.. so he slowly gave all the neccessary nutrient to the plant again...

however... all along there was many friends that ask him not to put too much effort, focus on to the plant.. for the boy is still young and has yet many things to be done... the boy is losing focus on the things that he should be doing than tending to the plant 24/7.. but he refuses to heed the advice and continue to go with it... eventually the plant grew web like leafs that entangle other boys pulling the other boys close to the branches.... soon alex got jealous of it but knew that questioning and being impatient or angry doesnt help as well... so he bottled all the feeling inward... the more he bottled... the more painful he felt... each time he thought of the other boys that got sheltered by the web like leaf.. for it provided comfort and fun for the other boy to play with...

One fine day Alex got so jealous.. he got tired of jealousy and had no emotion to it anymore.... the boy whom got sheltered pulled away the plant and pulled the root out from the heart, vein and the mind and replant it deep within his heart... and the flower eventually bloom.... without much effort, love, care or time.... he left happily with the flower... but alex thinking that the plant is still there continue to shower all this at mere imagination as his emotion was no longer there... until the day finally came that he found out the plant was with the other boy.. that he broke down.... to have found out tat he put so much effort just for the flower to be bloomed at another boy.. 10 mins later he stood up and suffer plant-phobia.. (ok i dunno what issit called)

Moral: we live in a broken down and inperfect world... =)

ok i dunno why i just feel like writing this story.. it may mean nothing to u guys but this is meant to stay here to remind me of this story 5 years down the road =)

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