Life can nvr be perfect i guess... i ressurected @ like 10am and did my daily routine...(washing up and stuff.. not dance) went out @ like 11am to ntuc with mum and liz, was pretty fun... had a few quarrel and abit of chasing here and there, even challenging each other to place the finger @ the crabs... it was all the fun... i miss my cousin of all the fun and joy we had.... she's back to her normal self again... prayer did work miraculously... it took her 2 years to get over with it... nearly being raped @ calorado changed her life... to being a totally different girl as b4... today was like a total change... and after all the fun. We went to have some dope breakfast, i miss eating porridge early in the morning with my mum, having a youtiao in one hand and a spoon in the other. We shared with each other the journey of our personal life, it was indeed quality time spent. What's most suprising is when my mum went to open the letter box me and liza went up first back home, while in the lift she hugged me and said this word " thanks for all this time baring with me.." i was dumbfounded... What happened to her?

She released me and den we went into teh house. i left all the items at the table and den went to the sofa and ask her to come over.

Me:"lis u... alrite mah? It's been like 2 years since i last saw u this cheerful".
liz:*smiles* *silent*
liz:"I am just happy" *smiles even wider*

after that i was really filled with joy that she came back to the pleasant liz i use to noe of.
Today was a bright day... small things like this happen to brighten up ur life... u never noe wat may happen the next day... but come to think of it God will put every single day of ur life with an event that is always suprising to u =) love ya God~

Let's see sum feel + skill

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Yes hello! =) just to let u know if u really hope and wish to destroy my life, u can choose to do so, but karma strikes my friend, im just an nsf, when im done with this shit, im gone so whats the point with meddling with my life so much? I have a life outside, i've only myself to depend on and i've got only 1 parent, that's my mum.. so if destroying my family is what u want, retribution awaits. Peace.

Oh yea and seriously, get a life =)
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