A day have passed after the extra remedial/ tuition class with Daniel, This is by far the most tiring class i've ever been to and also a class that i've absorb almost everything thru that class. Thinking how badly i did thru all this mth was already a big disappointment for me to discover, i've not been focusin on the right thing since the very start i guess, strength was the key to almost everything in dance, it's how u apply it and how u piece it into the dance. So how am i suppose to dance without even applying the key to every single door. The gig tat i've done over the week was Bad, with a capital B in it.... i can see how much of an action i am missing, no strength, no style and it's awkward. bleah... for once i was thinking am i really dancing?

But no point dwelling in the past, ytd class really taught me how to focus and concentrate in class, bringing me to the next level. Ryan n Carol came into the class and watched us do the dance, however he said it wasnt good enuff, which meant we have to really buckle up. Soon Ryan gave us a small lecture on what we should really do in class, what kinda thing to do after and in the class. He told us that Information do not process and give result whereas Information IS result. It is obvious that if we were to be inform that there's no class on wed then the whole of proj O will not be there.

After the lesson i had a small chat with xiao xian, was a great chat i feel, we shared like really what we lack of in the past, why did we danced the way we danced and stuff like this. personally i feel it's really the lethargy and laziness that sets in right in the middle of the class and even thinking of school stuff while dancing, i think this is really the wrong thing to do all the time. Bleah.... since it's already hols now, there's no excuse for me to do all this stupid thing again, i need to give my all to this few mths left in Proj O and really step up my dance.

I am thrilled to apply all the things i've learnt in the next lesson fuu~

I think i am having irregular sleep time, this pass few days i've been sleeping @ 9 or 10 and waking up @ 2 or 3am, can't really get back to sleep thus went to stretch and did some push up n sit up, surf the net abit n back to dream land, was really bothered wat if i happen to feel sleepy in the middle of dance class O.O, think i really need to pray about this. =\

Been reading thru the bible and the daily devotion that was given to me last year, was really challenged to continually pray for sumthing for a prolong period, to bug and to keep asking God. In Luke 18: 1-8 Jesus exhorts us to pray again and again, unless we get our prayer answers, we should never lose heart. There are really times that i'm uncertain whether did God purposely kept quiet abt a certain prayer or refuse to bless me the things that i ask for thus soon after i gave up praying for that certain matter, But looking at the widow that bug the judge to do justice for her was a scenario i shouldnt forget. Faith is persistent praying, crying out day and night to God for answers. The attitude of faith understands that a vision takes time to fulfill.
Matt 7:7
"Ask and keep on asking, Seek and keep on seeking, knock and keep on knocking."
Faith is never a dry technique or fomula... Faith is a heartfelth attitude that persists in trusting and praying no matter how tough situation may be. =)

Febrina came over to my house along with HuaTz to plan out the performance for 6th of dec, gonna sing Shan hu hai with her along with HuaTz doing the beats, still kinda afraid... cause like the song vocal range is kinda high and when i reach a certain note that is kinda high it's kinda unstable... hope to get vocal lesson from (Sis) annabel soon... bleah~ but i had a fun time with both of em today, considering how long i've not been in contact with Febrina lol~ She said she has grown fat since the trip to surabaya lol~ but not exactly very fat tho.. abit la... but.. LOL~
She shared with me how much they've ate thru the whole mission trip... they even had to pray to stop the food from coming lOL~ she also shared that she was given the opportunity to sing sanctuary in bahasa in one of the radio station @ surabaya. This is a very blessed opportunity to honor Him.. Good job Febrina! =)

Gonna end here for today... been a long time since i've typed so much LoL~

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