Woke up @ around 12 today... had a dream of me having a trip to japan with project O and den had alot of fun in the plane and while going down the plane. i seriously hope this will sumhow happen LOLOL!

Around 3 i went out with liz to cwp... she asked me to go out with her to buy some books lolololol.... book worm~ aite den she treat me to banquet.... ate some jap food den we went home... Bleah i'm suppose to meet khye @ 6 lor.. den i see the time 5:30 ler.. den i had to sms khye... sowwi dude.

Went home and get myself ready to go O sch... had a boring ride to dhoby... and den i came out of dhoby mrt station... rite at that point i feel sumthing is gonna happen.. so i went straight to O sch... aite here's the dope part...

when i was walking toward cathay and den i have to walk this big curve that have to face starbuck... aite... when i was looking straight i saw this girl she was inside starbuck drinking a cup of coffee, if i'm not wrong there was 2 cup.. tho maybe an illusion but i looked at me... and den looked more intensively at me.. den i knew sumthing bad is gonna happen i walked faster towards the shelter... hoho... den the horror came.. she ran directly infront of me, look at me with sorta sad face and den SLAPPED ME... and den i look at her, PIAK! again.... 2 times omg.. i was like stunt... i cant move.. "Why did u left me?, Why did u go off so fast?" in chinese and the rest was covered under her tears... wah i am so psed.... omg... den there was this uncle "eh,eh,eh,eh,eh.... got wat slowly talk" in hokkien.. omg... for a min i was still stunt... den i look at her... " U KNOW WHO AM I NOT?" X 2, "I am JACKY!" in chinese... she looked at me more closely... and den she said "sorry sorry" and she ran.. OMG... den i was like O.O . after that i had to bare the embarassment and walk to O sch... bleah

Today routine was dope.... Street jazz with tons of feel and tons of thing for me to polish up... aite i need to apply wat i learn into this...

aite i'm gonna go practice and stretch... tat's all for today and i hope i dun get much pimples on my face.. bleah.

- 12:48 AM

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Name: Jacky Lam Wan Tsun
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Yes hello! =) just to let u know if u really hope and wish to destroy my life, u can choose to do so, but karma strikes my friend, im just an nsf, when im done with this shit, im gone so whats the point with meddling with my life so much? I have a life outside, i've only myself to depend on and i've got only 1 parent, that's my mum.. so if destroying my family is what u want, retribution awaits. Peace.

Oh yea and seriously, get a life =)
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