It's always the case that whenever i post those kinda sad sad post.. i will end up regretting it.... i feel so bad abt myself not being able to look at the positive side... i am sooooo short sighted.....

After the post... sumthing miraculous just happened... not that it happen all of a sudden but thru time...

Firstly i came up with an idea to teach ppl beatboxing... a kinda plan sorta like a business plan... so i went around advertising by mouth and sorta thing... 1 by 1 my friend decided to take up my session... well they are my first few student so i decided to charge the first 10 that attend my session at a 20% dc rate.... but i really wanna thank God that he managed to pull in these ppl... as building fund is coming and i really didnt know what to do... clinging on to what my mum gave me for every mth is really unrealistic... In total i had up to 8 student... 4 are still thinking of when to start and the other 4 are starting sessions with me mid of next mth.

2ndly i wanna thank God that i made it thru the exam.. tho i know that i scored the lowest... and i am really feeling quite down at the result that i've recieve... but what Bro Ryan said really touched me... and allow me to understand that not every situation is bad... to look at it... i have so much more of a gap for me to improve... there are work for me to do... and to be @ overdrive itself is an inspirational asset which will always lay deep in my impression... Thank you Lord for refueling the fire for dance.

3rdly i feel that the praise and worship in cg really allow me to grow and understand the concept of atmosphere building... i am more involved than the previous cg and it really help me to build my musicality in this area... altho i dunno whether christian songs or worships songs are consider a genre but however slowly i know the few notes or the few chords that will somehow touch ppl heart. I really pray that one day.. i could compose a praise song along with beatbox as the main percussion and of course a worship song that will pull down God's anointing so strong... even unbeliever will bow down and cry....

Today i went over to Cal hse to dye my hair... pretty sad cause i was late... cal phoned me ans asked whether did i just woke up... i think @ around 10:45am which i DID actually just woke up. I woke up and check up the forum for any news of my item being bid cause i actually put up my ps2, Macbook adapter and a tequila up for auction... it's going pretty well. (sidetrack: i wanna thank God that i actually manage to find a tequila that my grandpa left at the house which no one notice it... the tequila could actually fetch up to $30 bucks) Went to bath for like 45min or so... i was actually beatboxing while bathing lol.. i came out of the bathroom and went into my room to once again check my auction LOLOL... and den i prayed for awhile... for my hair to be.... well you know presentable... lol.

Went out of the hse and took a bus down to bedok.. when i reached bedok i phoned khye to ask cal's address and i took a taxi down... meanwhile in the cab i asked cal who dyed the hair ler... she said no one except theresa... Seems like she's the guinea pig LOL!

Reached her house and saw the warm and cozy hse filled with ppl.. wah i really like cal hse man.. Xbox 360, Game cube, PS... entertainment centre... lOl... well in the hse Theresa stood out amongst the ppl... with silverish aluminium foil clipped all around her hair... she looks like a crazy pinoy martians.. LOL but hey the end result is pretty amazing.. she looks gorgeous and not to say Khye was like "of course la... i do one mah!" loloL! but really... props to khye he really did a good job to everyone... he's wat i called talented... lolol! he nvr did dyed any hair b4.. this was his first time and he did it like a pro. My hair end up in Khye's hand too it is nice... he can be a hairstylist next time. Not to ferget Kok wei tremendous hardwork on helping all of us out on the bleach and the dye.. =)

We wait for our hair to be bleached while watchin i not stupid... and i promise u.. u woulda been looking like 3-5 martians in the room lol. afterwards we waited for our hair to be dyed while watching war of the world... it was pretty hilarious when Chewie washed her hair.. she's like complaining the amount of visible purple dye on her hair.. khye's fault.. LOLOL... khye blame it on kok wei for applying so much bleach LoL... My hair was pretty nice too.. love it the way the gold merge along with the purple... Aaron's whole head was purple... but it's nice... but i doubt i can do it.. cause of my skin color... was being advised by chapter 2 colorist that i cannot dye purple in whole.. or watsoeva.. cause of my skin color.. dun understand why either... sumthing abt being too fair... bleah..

Well we went back home...with chewie n cal feeling bad abt their hair, aaron doing toprock occasionally overjoyed at how amazing his hair is.. and of course khye regretting of dyeing his hair green... wanted to change his hair to purple.. Lol

However when i reach back home.. i conditioned my hair according to what ben said... i mixed it with purple dye but.. my color seems to fade abit and there is this small patch which became totally silverish white... well but i like it tho... style.. LOL...

Overall i think today is pretty fun... and it's my first hair dye experience... lOL wee =)

*gonna dye red next mth heh....

Love ya all project O ppl =)

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