Hi guys... it's been another while since i last posted another entry...

I love how God leads me through the things in life... it seems like such a dark valley that i was in through the times... it feels like i wasn't able to get a grip of myself in life... for such a long time i was cruising through.. too tired to think for myself what is next... just cruising... just getting by...

To me all the things i am doing is like a chore to me... to me i even dread going out with friends... i feel like a minority... no one likes me... no one cares... i just seem to sink in to a big depression... i kept every feeling inside of me... without knowing that each and everyday i walked further n further away from God... each and everyday my life is dry... too dry to even know of my vision anymore... What is life to me? i dunno...

Until one day... i sat at my chair... surfing the net without any aim.. just going thru the forum... and den a presence came... reminding me of my first experience with the holy spirit.. i took out my guitar and started worshippin... not long after i began to feel his love coming back again... and slowly i started to understand....

I have neglected Him... too much... what goes thru my mind is... i am doing it cause i have to do it... not becos of who God want me to be... i am too short sighted... why? cause i am just doing that everyday... the passion no longer burns... i do things on my own without asking or praying about it... why?? i asked myself...

n den God slowly reveals.. the thing he had in me... even though i have done thing that disappoint him... even though i closed up my heart... he still protected me and never fail to give me the unconditional love... He is the Abba Father that so love us...

And oso even in my darkest point of time God gave me things that i never thought that i would be having... i never.....

I want to Thank God for everything that He did...

I am going to thank a list of ppl that i appreciate this month
(no ranking of merit lol)
Project O
Aaron: For always providing the brotherly love, always forgiving, always able to correct me and oso being such a fun brother. You were there at times of need... i really appreciate wat u've been doing and sorry for always psing u. I love ya bro. =)
Calynne: Thank you For being so appreciative and cheerful... lol. Ur happiness is contagious... really LOL
Khye: Hey after today i really wanna thank you for correcting all of us... and oso puttin in such effort in dance... u really inspired me to really buck up my dance and oso the way u manage things.. n sorry for the spec.. =)
Pui: Hey pui.. i wanna thank you for bringin me to church and oso sharing together of stuff.. sumhow i feel there maybe some miscommunication or maybe i've hurt u last time.. i am sorry once again if i had done so. hope ya forgive me.. but i really wanna thank you for being such a good sister thank you. Also ur flexibility never fails to inspire me!
NikZ: NIKKKK!!! Lol... u are 1 farni guy... enjoy ur presence around.. u never fail to light up the whole atmosphere! u rock teh house!!! THank you for your advice oso.. =)
Theresa: Eh!!!!! okok i owe u a meal.. she is 1 farni girl too! She can laugh whole day non-stop.. i really wanna thank her for giving us morning call and oso being able to take the lead and give us info of Proj O.. her laughter are contagious as well.. and her spastically retarded speech are appreciated too =) Thanxalot theresa!
Yong Zhi: Hey Bro... i wanna tell u.. i've always look up to u... really.. u r a gr8 dancer.. the day i stayed at ur house.. we shared alot..thanxalot for the advice and the coversation we had really touched my heart... u're a gr8 brother and of course we really miss ur presence around in proj O.. but wateva it is u will remain in my heart a gr8 dancer always! Love ya loads bro!
Chewie: LOLOL! This girl is always ecstatic n is always laughing away at any matter even if its lame.. And she has a spastic face oso. lol Thanxalot for being such a gr8 sis!
Kenneth: Hey bro.. know u for a few mth onli.. but jeah... wateva it is... let's go through the 9 mth together and lets rock it all up!
XiaoXian: Tho i havent been able to really fellowship with u.. but i really am inspired by ur jazz posture and the jazz technique... Rock on xiao xian! =)
Tian Wan: Hey bro.. u inspire me man.. ur hardwork is really rewarded! I wanna put in as much effort.. everytime when i stretch.. i will always think of u.. the hardwork n the reward... thanxalot for being able to share with me that day in cg oso.. will always love ya bro! =)
Min Kuan: Hey bro I love ya man! U never fail to brighten up my day... always helping me financially... always being there for me when i am down.. always keeping me updated from cg... and sharing the same passion together... Bro.. really appreciate all that man! LETS DO IT TOGETHER! FOR GOD! =)

Carol: For being a teacher, really inspired by the way u dance and always so patience with us! and oso the stamina u have is truly amazin... Enjoyed all the classes
Daniel: I really look up to him as a dancer.. FuNK STYLE~ WoooO~~ he's a really farni brother and really doing things without having to announce it... he has a serving heart... cause i always sees him sweeping.. clearing up things in O sch. Ur simple action will nvr escape human eyes.. even if i dont see it.. God sees it =)
Ginn: For being such a fun instructor.. and really teaching us all the style choreo and correcting our timing! Thanxalot!!! Enjoyed all the sessioN~
Ryan: A very hilarious and friendly instructor... however he's at the same time strict and controlled at class.. Enjoy the body conditioning class.. and of all the time u fellowshiped with us!
Ben: Also another hilarious bro~ lOl~ He's a gr8 popper n waver... lol inspired by the way he dance and enjoy the times we chatted! =)
Bro Kenny: Really a very good leader.. Love every single cg.. every sermon and message is conveyed in such a way that i will want more of it! Thank you for being such a gr8 leader and oso managing audictive.. thank you for all the Advice that u gave to us. =)

Mother: LOVE YA LOADS MUM!!! Best mum eva! Never fails to support me inspite of not being able to tolerate Hip Hop... For all the love that u gave me.. i thank you mum!

I wanna thank everyone that i have yet to mention.. n of course i wanna thank GOD!! =)

From now on i am going to make it a point that i am going to push everything to the maximum and have a breakthru out of everything that i do! whateva i touch on whateva i am doing it will prosper!

I love to dance n beatbox.. the passion burns inside of me... Kristos kai kosmos...

"I can do all things through christ who strengthen me" Phil 4:13

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Yes hello! =) just to let u know if u really hope and wish to destroy my life, u can choose to do so, but karma strikes my friend, im just an nsf, when im done with this shit, im gone so whats the point with meddling with my life so much? I have a life outside, i've only myself to depend on and i've got only 1 parent, that's my mum.. so if destroying my family is what u want, retribution awaits. Peace.

Oh yea and seriously, get a life =)
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