1st Performance....

Venue:Home Club (Boat Quay)

Time:5pm(report) 9pm(Starts) 10:30(perform)

It was pretty cool.. I met up with HuaTz around 5:20pm at Raffles Place... came out and walked to Boat Quay (on the way we saw Sun MTV on the big Screen)... went to Home Club and registered our name, Got our artist sticker and den told us abt the sequence and stuff.... he told us to come back at 7 for sound check.. so we went to Mac to eat... Pui Phoned to ask abt bling stuff =)

7pm reached went back to club... and den did our sound check.. the DJ noes bboxin.. but basics. Oh well... and so we tested... but i ferget to test Da Jungle beat... so we went out and slack.. till 8pm lidis we went into home club and continue to slack... till 9pm.. the thing start.... 98% are Malays and 2% are chinese... lol... so all the rappers were there... and i was Praying... for a few minutes that he will guilde us... in that noisy place.

Our turn Came.. we did our thing... and my Jungle was a big big bad turn out... but nvm.. the rest was ok and things picked up fast... =)

we went off straight and met up with pui they all just to go back home lol...

Personal Experience Rating: 5/10

Comment By Others n Testimony: Austin the Organizer said the Warner Music Executive saw the thing and thinks that our performance was the best out of the whole thing.. and encourage us to continue our path../ Thank God for such things... I really needed encouragement at that point of time.. that whether should i cont for club performances =)... i am more determined now =)

2nd Performance

Venue: Children Church

Time: 10.30am

Was there since 10:30am.. i was late... actually.. i took a cab down.. and found out actually i can be there at 11am.. but nvm... got to be on time... haiya DXO la... ton till 7am den reach home.. wait for 1st MRT.. but nvm la... its ok... i slept 3 hrs and den went to children church with sinous... but nvm.. i tested the mic and was cool... so lotsa ppl..

I went up to get some food to eat... prayed along the way.... eat dim sum den went back

The kids are just wonderful.. so talented actually i dun hate kid that badly after all.. just that i find them irritating sumtime.. and i have very low tolerant on kids cry.. LOL oh well... HuaTz came... and we did our stuff to the kids.. dunno whether they like it or not.. seems to me there are shock.. LOL... oh well we went to church shortly After...

PER: 9/10.. we get to learn how to entertain kids =).. they are awesome.. and a huge crowd too.. love em

CnT: Pst Aileen said it was Good and wish for us to teach the kid... that's Good cause i think.. i should really start planning on a proper lesson to teach ppl how to learn bbox =) Thank God for this opportunity really opening to us not just hip hop society.. but to the kids too

3rd Performance

Venue: Heeren

Time: 6pm

I went to SMU to wait for Ger they all.. all late sia.. nvm la... lOL~... i sumtime always late oso oh well... they reached.. HuaTz reached too.. so i went off with HuaTz along with amanda cap... to the venue.. it's actually called orchard busk...

Reached heeren at 5:30 lidis.. saw rien performing... and went over.. den he pass mic to me.. did abit of mic testing.... and den waited for Ghetto to come... they came and den they came... alrite we did the opening act with Audictive Item... finished and they dance.. after that.. 10 min bbox.. by all the other bboxer.. den finally comes the DAnce solo battle.. did my stuff .. they did theirs.. and den was good.. so we took a rest and the rest of the bboxer did their thing.. den Amanda left.. and took back the cap... sweaty.. SORRY AMANDA... =) so we played around and den many ppl was there.... TTIME FINALIST MERVYN AND YONG KUANG!! alot of other cg ppl was there too... thanxalot for supporting =) love em ppl! Den the organizer of the orchard busk came to talk to us abt further plans for audictive.. really thank God for this.. after orchard busk we went off to E2Max and had a gr8 time with ppl over there... took photo till mad and den played games... =) went back home shortly after=)

PER: 8/10.. was actually enjoying myself rather than performing.. but its an open space performance.. really is a busk

CnT: Heard some ppl say that ppl are amazed and really is moved to donate.. and oso the opportunity that God have given us.. =)

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