I slumber from sleep back to reality at 6am.... just to burn my DnT stuff into the Disc. Went to school and started the silent reading session... not long after i went back to class.... thinking today would be another... not so much of a fun kinda day.... Yet Surprises tend to hide under this thoughts... Math for the first 2 lesson.... Well... Easy as 1,2,3.... i mean like its so easy... completed the piece of work within 5 min with Tong Ri. i feel glad that i sat beside him, cause he tend to motivate me and i tend to motivate him... studying seems lively once more.

After math was DnT and the teacher wasnt here... was kinda disappointed though.. i wanted to print the picture... arghh... oh well... i hurried a few problem situation and finished up my Chinese homework. soon after it was time for English.... Old lady Raj again... we did sumthing on descriptive writing or so.... den it was reccess..... had some chill and den back to class after a few incident in the canteen that made me laugh and at the same time sympathy for the old lady that clean the table... Mother tongue was next.... hurried back class from the hall.... That Mr.XiaoHui came to class (lol) den made us do chinese spelling and so.... Tong Ri made all of the stupid phrases up by combining all the words from the chineses book... lol.

After the Chinese was Social Study... i guess our class pissed mrs.tan off.... she was really pissed... everyone could see...so everyone suddenly turned quiet and focus onto her... she taught and lectured us that we would all fail.... oh well.... den it came to this english remedial... this lady with big eyes... came in and taught us Reading aloud in Oral.... with proper pronunciation and articulation and sort.... everyone was suppose to read the paragraph of word with the best of his/her ability.... well everyone was like monotonous....until MY TURN! I read it and it was cool i guess... den it became Tong Ri turn... he was nervous.... nevertheless the Old Women voice was superb! lol
Soon after... Tong Ri was my partner on reading the boresome passage.... well anything boresome that came to out hand... it turn out to be the most funniest and the most interesting passage in life! lol Exagerating abit ler... hehe.

Went back home with Tong Ri and KiKi.... Awesome day with them... back at home i slept till 7pm and now... i am blogging... =P Good day nevertheless^^

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