Seriously i dun get it.. why u guys wanna do shits like that? im just a few mth away from ORD... and u wanna crash my life? srsly, what do u get from this? a free contract with satan? a promotion? come on man? wtf is wrong with u guys? this is depressing how things are.. Just keep checking... just keep checking... I HAVE A LIFE OUTSIDE, sad that u guys dun ;)

- 3:25 AM


Yes, it's my bday... my bday.... the day which i didnt had a clue wat i was suppose to be doing out on the incubator... the day i first came into contact with stress..

Thanx kristin! it was uber sweet of u to come all the way down to woodland to pass me teh cake! it was awesome! and yes i am touched =)

Thanx to every who've smsed me which i have replied to each and everyone of u in honest sincerity =)

BBQ later at 5pm =) come if u are reading this early in the morning.. pit 31 @ east coast park! XD


- 12:17 AM


A shout out to everyone who've taken their time and effort to come down funan as well as smsing me! the performance was great.. poor crowd but nevertheless it was gr8 to me.. minor cock up here and there nonetheless it was refreshing to be performing solo yet again =)

To those tat have smsed me ur regret for not being able to make it.. my very sincere thanx to all those that have once think abt supporting me, the very idea itself was rewarding as a performer =)

Had a great chill out session with bryant.. planning for the 27th sept teenage icon competition as well as plans to bring up and nurture the bboxing culture in sg... we both have great minds that have been trying to accomplish certain stuff yet only until now that our ideas collide into one.. there will be gr8 thing ahead for us in the future i bet... was gr8 chilling and jamming with him, as well as shopping over at raffles city...

OH AND YEA... OMG u know what? i bought a skinny jeans.. and i was all along against skinny jeans.. and i bought one myself.. damn.. wat contradiction rofl...

i'm becoming more and more spend thrift.. damn i need to control the cashflow man... anyone wanna help be my manager? lol xD

saw some dope stuff over at river island and my "forever no money to buy" g unit sweater... Zara hoodie... woohoo... one garment every mth will be dope rofl

Alright gtg for now.. need to do some router practice b4 i get on with the 50km route march rofl pls pray for me aite!? strength and wisdom.. thanx all u fellow blog readers =)

and for a lil entertainment... this following vid i am gonna show u guys is my very first performance as a bboxer collaborating with bryant... thanx to his help for such exposure... oh yea this is oso my 2-3mth standard back then xD enjoy!

Funk out~


- 5:41 PM

Time Wasted...
Where's the accountability?
Where's the responsibility that match thou maturity?
Time have never been so much more magnified during my 19 years on earth than now...

Time is precious...

I am not some kind of spare character for thy usage

i only have two weekend... half a weekday....

pls treat it with due respect....


- 4:54 AM


Exactly when was my last post? LAST WEEK... actually i had alot of chance to update the blog during the week but i decided not to... to keep all u fanatics out there waiting ROFL.

This week was kinda hectic, from monday all the way down to wed i had this crazy exam going on for 3 days 2 night.. it was crazy man... doing stuff like this:

Doing stuff like "show run", "en", "config t", " int s0/0", "ip add" sorta thing/.. wats really stupid was that most of us had our work delayed cause of the ancient machine that they had.. how inefficient it was to give us routers that would shut itself down all of a sudden and den giving us lan cables that doesnt clip on the port.. suxorsss

IN ANYCASE i had this crazy 24km route march over at east coast park during wed... around midnight or so.. it was one of the most peculiar march i'ver ever done... marching pass seafood centre and food court... we were like some moving forest parading our mobility... wth!? came back with one blister.. yup.. one blister and an asscrack abrasion... how endearing is that? what's even more staggering is the upcoming 50km route march i have on this imminent monday... barely a week to recover and i am launching my next march around the whole of cck area... guys if u're my friend u would really pray for me =)

Location: Funan IT mall
Time: 1:30pm
Date: 10th aug 08 Sunday
Detail: Having a performance over there for their big annual sale or something...

Yup guys i'm having a show over at funan it mall.. it was kinda last min but nvrtheless i've got a set to conquer the stage with.. however recently my mouth have been acting kinda weird.. aint sure why man, cant really bring out wats on my mind... but yea i bet sunday's gonna be dope. =)

Its national day parade today! i am suppose to be doing guard duty but gracious to God that i was being placed as reserve due to the fatique i've accumulated during the 24km route march.. (i bet some of u guys are gonna say i'm weak, well i've got to catch my breath b4 diving into a 50km insane march) Firework anyone? rofl i hope to see some crazy firework going on this year... firework like the one from LOTR: fellowship of the ring.. the one where frodo released that freakin dragon firework... w0000t! that would be really dope.

Oh yea guys if u've got any nice blogshop that sells hoody, sneakers, new era caps, sweater, shirts, jeans.. well FOR GUYS pls... do tag it up my board.. =)

2 more weeks to 3sg~

without communication... everything will start to fail.....
miscommunication will impede the initial significance

i wish i coulda gone to sch... coulda do my stuff... coulda be crazy for abit.. coulda lose my manner... coulda do naughty things...

ok naughty is very suggestive.. i should rephrase it to "silly" instead...

i was never a nice person, never a sane person... i am not the... "oh i'm sorry are u ok?" kinda person...

i am not good with words... neither am i good looking.... nor gentle....

i am just some idunreallycaremuchabttheworldtheonlythingicareabtisGOD person

curtain close



- 1:05 AM


W0000000t! i just came back from one of the most revitalizing service ever... this service seriously brought my relationship with God to a whole new level, Knowing that maturity doesnt really count by the age but the lvl of responsibility u have over urself... its a really huge leap.. and considering that hillsong brought me to a realm of peace and serenity with the Almighty God... i really wonder why time and time again when thing doesnt go as smoothly i whine and falter in my believe with God.. Childish... Being childish is not equivalent as child-like...

Mark conner is teh man... The way he preaches, he articulate, the way he injects his humour into his sermon... its every man dream to have such charisma..

Had Popping Lesson 1.. Open lesson, initially toon and i was gonna head for hip hop 2, but once again it's cancelled... thus leaving us with no choice but popping.. man i was freaking rusty... daymmnn... i saw Ben having his newstyle 2 lesson and it was totally dope.. gonna be attending that next week... xD

Was searching around in taka for some special food but couldnt seem to find it... maybe i need to find some japanese beverage store to really find it.. i wonder why issit so scarce.. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Had Supper with huat, man and zs... originally i had plans... but yea something happened thus giving me the chance to fellowship with them woodlanders... glad that it turn out like that lol.. or i wouldnt be talking with precious friend like em... However it's been awhile since i've last gone into a club man... its like aeon since my last entry.. roflol

WELLLLL lets crack some laughter here~



- 2:10 AM


OMG!? UPDATES~! roflolmaowtpbbq, ooookay lets see......

So much have happened this week, kinda lame tho... We had lotsa test and stuff, wasnt very pleasant tho but well i've grit thru this hellish piece of macoroni.

Shit i actually had alot to type abt but damn i am having this writer's block... i cant type a single thought floating in my mind out in word.. daymnnnnnnn

Ok whatever it is i've gotten myself guard duty on National day... issint it nice? look how well army is treating me? taking away my grandios relaxolios time.. regardless of such i am still fine with it actually... its just some insanely red day... imagine some millions of tiny lil red arses seated in the stadium... its like having menses or something.. its insane...

my suggestion for this years latest NDP fashion? Cheong sum... Red hawt almighty cheong sum coupled with 2 pow on teh head... model urself after chun li.. just that in red.. can u picture that? no? let me give u a little help

Well definitely not with that white sash on or the spiked bracelet.. imagine having those while flinging ur flimsy arm with those bamboo-ed flags of singapore... oh bloody... hey wait.. blood is red and that means? *smirk* well i will leave all the imagination to u guys

Well fashion for the guys? be special.. Dress in Red dragon emperor suit.. holy.. imagine walking around like some big shot... need me to give u some visualizin help? NOT.. aint have those pic rofl.. u can try searching those yoself LOL! In anycase u can try having ur blusher on with a couple of hong baos stamped on ur body.. i bet u will look Red to the max!

Ok in anycase u've got to believe me.. the helmet in army has this ability to absorb all of ur knowledge and wisdom... when army guys wear their helmet.. they literally cant think.. can u picture a guy walking up all suave and stuff like that, but when he wears that bulky green piece of shiat... he will be walking like some slave banging on to tree with his eyes wide open... seriously....

ok wateva it is i am gonna end my post here until my brain decide to tune itself back to its original state...


- 8:41 PM


Man this week was freaking tiring, considering i have gone to teh jungle with a freaking vehicle and setting up some crazy stuff on the vehicle its uber tiring... 36hr no slp... grrr

In anycase i've gone to some competition which my friend informed me last min.. sianed... but in anycase i've gotten the whole group into semi final... i would consider that these competition brought my stage presence to another lvl... stage presence = captivation... captivation = total annihilation of competitors.. rofl.... well i hope that each time i goes on stage i will improve either technically, in stage presence or musicality... i hope in which ever way it is i will always move forward than backward... love the competitors xD!

Check it out!

ok my semi final is on

27th of sept 08
Time yet to confirm

i know is freaking far away but would greatly appreciate it if u guys would block the day to come and support me, it will be some crazy new shit! Thanx guys who've come to support xD


- 12:57 AM


Just came back from a paintball fight with my frantic cellgroup members and along with another cg.

One word.... PAIN

Rofl it was pretty fun assuming that the first round, i was pumping adrenaline through my nostril into my coconut sized brain i was ready to take on any hulk thats in my way.. but low and behold.. my mask was LOOOSEEE... Game over i had to pull my mask tight the next round... oh man i made both team lose a turn.. that sux.. but well my second round was pretty dope.. gaining my speed and momentum i had my hands on the gay brick.. for ur info its purple in color =) so i had to run as if i was neo.. doing the impossible "matrix" move on my way back to safety.. rofl.. with my wind-like speed i went for the flag... however the opposite team had gotten the better of us, seems like morpheus was on their side.... daymn~

Sorry bout my raw post.. didnt check for any possible mistake.. i am currently on race with time.. will come back and edit this one... i've got a retarded video as well, will post it up asap =) entertainment never ends with Jacky.. it starts with Me xD

p.s srsly my hair sux and it grows pretty slow... iunno why man...


- 2:05 PM

Original Me

Name: Jacky Lam Wan Tsun
Who stole my burger!?





Yes hello! =) just to let u know if u really hope and wish to destroy my life, u can choose to do so, but karma strikes my friend, im just an nsf, when im done with this shit, im gone so whats the point with meddling with my life so much? I have a life outside, i've only myself to depend on and i've got only 1 parent, that's my mum.. so if destroying my family is what u want, retribution awaits. Peace.

Oh yea and seriously, get a life =)
Puiiiii Blonde Polar Jacq